chasejarvis RAW: Flying High In Telluride [BTS Video on REI Commercial]

Last week when I posted the broadcast commercial for REI that I recently directed, I promised a behind-the-scenes vid. So here ’tis — the focus here on the epic aerial shots we nailed using a remote-operated RC helicopter flying an onboard camera, curtesy of our friends at FreeFly Cinema. Hope you dig it.

Also–since a lot of y’all have been asking via social channels–I figured I’d give a second-by-second, shot-by-shot breakdown of the entire :30 sec spot… on how we got each clip so you can see all the different mechanisms and techniques that went into the production. I’ll let your imagination run about how we actually pulled off some of this stuff up at 12,000 feet at single digit temperatures, and feel free to ask the how/why we did what we did questions below.

Shot by shot breakdown:
:00-:01 Racked focus onto talent as they approach chairlift dismount
:01-:02 Skier operated steadicam shot
:02-:03 Jib/crane tracking shot
:03-:04 Handheld close up of talent operating ski binding, snow level
:04-:07 Combo of handheld & steadicam shots of talent beginning hike
:07-:08 Overhead aerial with RC chopper (**see video)
:08-:09 Handheld close ups on talent
:09-:11 Combo of longer shots, locked off on tripods
:11-:14 Combo of handheld & steadicam shots of talent socializing
:14-:15 Locked off wide shot, masked sky movement sped up in post
:15-:16 Steadicam shot w lens flare of talent preparing to descend
:16-:17 Jib/crane shot w lens flare of talent preparing to descend
:17-:18 Close up, talent operating snowboard binding
:18-:19 Close up, talent dropping skis, prep to descend (voiceover starts)
:19-:20 Combo handheld & steadicam & closeups of talent prep to descend
:20-:21 Handheld zoom in as talent pushes off to descend
:21-:24 Hero overhead aerial shot with RC chopper (**see video), speed ramp to show talent covering distance, heading into sunset
:24-:30 Motion graphics closing bumper with voiceover
:30 Out

Here’s the spot again below if you want to play it a few times and follow along with the shot-by-shot breakdown. Hit me up with questions – will try to get back at ya.

Big thanks again to everybody who worked on the shoot. Hope you dig the BTS chasejarvis RAW heli-video. Music for the RAW is by Pete International Airport (here on iTunes). Music for the spot is from We Are Augustines (avail here on iTunes). Big ups to both acts!

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